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2018/19 - Fast Grant - Not-For-Profit Organisations Only

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Section 1 - For Your Information

1.1 - Have you read the 2018/2019 Grants to Community Guidelines?

As the Guidelines are regularly updated, Council strongly recommends applicants read the Grants to Community Guidelines before completing this application form.

Click on this link -  2018/19 Guidelines


1.2 - Applicant Support

If the Applicant Organisation or Auspicing Organisation needs assistance completing this application form, please contact Council or SmartyGrants. 

Southern Downs Regional Council

Telephone - 1300 697 372 (1300 MY SDRC)

Email -

Office Hours - Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (Closed Public Holidays). 


SmartyGrants SmartyGrants Help Guide, click on this link - SmartyGrants Help Guide

SmartyGrants Frequently Asked Questions, click on this link - SmartyGrants Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone - (03) 9320 6888

Email -

Office Hours - Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm AEST


1.3 - Completing this Application Form

1.3.1 - Saving

Remember to save your SmartyGrants application form regularly using the "Save Progress" button located at the top and bottom of each page. 

1.3.2 - Greyed Out Sections

Whilst working through this application form, some sections may be greyed out.  This is due to the answers given to previous questions.  Greyed out sections do not need to be completed.

1.3.3 - Attachments

At various questions in this application form, the applicant will be required to upload supporting documents.  Please give attachments meaningful names and ensure the correct attachments are provided.  If not, the applicant risks being not eligible for funding.

1.3.4 - Downloading

To download a copy of this form go to the last page called "Review and Submit" where you will see the "Download PDF" button.  Be careful not to click on the "Submit" button - refer below. 

1.3.5 - Submitting

To submit your form go to the last page called "Review and Submit" and click the "Submit" button.  DO NOT click on the "Submit" button until you have completed the form, reviewed it and are satisfied with the content.  Once an application form has been submitted, it can not be undone.


1.4 - What is an Auspicing Organisation?

If the Applicant Organisation is not a legal incorporated not-for-profit entity or is not recognised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a not-for-profit type it will need to be auspiced.

Auspicing means that an organisation is a legal incorporated not-for-profit entity or is a recognised ATO not-for-profit type as noted above.

An auspicing organisation will be responsible for the following on behalf of the applicant -

  • the receipt, banking & administration of all grant funding monies;
  • project monitoring and completion;
  • ensuring the applicant acquits the funding on time; and
  • signs off on the acquittal form.

An auspicing organisation may also provide support to the applicant by -

  • providing insurance for the project; or
  • providing mentoring for the applicant.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the applicant organisation being auspiced to ensure that a clear agreement is reached between the parties before applying for funding.


1.5 - Pre-Eligibility Criteria and Application Assessment Criteria

Please refer to Section 8 of the 2018/19 Grants to Community Guidelines.